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типMinimax si 400es 32 M A 3 UP
Инвентарный номер1010059
Год выпуска2019
- ширина до бокового упора: 1270 мм
- макс. длина раскроя : 3200 mm

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sliding table saw
Brand: Holzkraft
Type: Minimax si 400es 32 M A 3 UP
Demonstration machine

- Standard with scoring unit with separate drive motor, adjustable from outside
- Smooth-running anodised aluminium sliding table
- Large table extension (longitudinally adjustable) with material roll on telescopic arm
- Extendable telescopic crosscut fence with two flip stops
- Precise rip fence, folds down for large plates, with quick clamping and integrated fine adjustment
- Standard with table extension, table extension and eccentric clamp
- Saw unit made of a robust cast iron ring mould with double swivel segment guide (double cradle) and zero point swivel for a smooth and perfect cut
- Large work table made of stress-free grey cast iron
- material roll at boom
- Version "READY3" (3 axes) Control

Aluminium sliding table
- with ball contact system proven a thousand times
- Permanently smooth running Insensitive to dust and dirt due to minimal contact point between ball and trapezoidal rail

Version M
- Electrical height adjustment and tilting of the sawing unit

Design A
- On/off switch on the sliding carriage

Version M A 3
- Programmed control of the saw blade height and tilt and the position of the rip fence
- Motorised rip fence with electronic positioning
- Position display via an encoder
- Adjustment via ball screw
- Continuous adjustment via switch or automatic positioning system
- Incremental adjustment possible
- Swivel device for stop under table
- Programmed control for sawing unit

Version UP
- Swivelling control panel at eye level

Technical data:
- Format sliding carriage: length 3200 mm x width 360 mm x height 142mm
- table: length 940 mm x width 560 mm x height 900 mm

- Cutting width with rip fence: 1270 mm
- Max. Cutting width left of the saw blade: 3260 mm
- Trimming length: 3200 mm

- Saw blade inclination: 90 - 45 °
- Max. cutting height 90°: 136.5 mm
- Max. cutting height 45° 97 mm

Main saw
- Saw blade diameter 400 mm
- Saw blade speed 3500/5000 rpm
- 7 kW Motor

- diameter scoring saw blade 120 mm
- Speed scoring saw blade 9200 rpm
- 0,55 kW Motor

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