Storage of woodworking machinery

You have got a woodworking machine, but no place to store it? You are looking for a suitable storage facility?

In our modern 10000 sqm warehouse we can professionally store your machinery! Our 5 halls are each 20 meter wide and 100 meter long. Therefore you can also find place for big machines.

Very comfortable machine storage:

  • The trucks can drive into the storehouse (no unloading in wind and rain).
  • There are cranes with 10 and 20 tons loading capacity in our halls, moving above the full length and width of the storage space. So even heavy weight machinery can be transported easy and save to its individual site.
  • Forklifts and other transport devices are available for fast and easy handling of smaller parts.
  • The storage is closed, dry, heated and well lit.
  • Connections for electricity and compressed air are installed at regular intervals.
  • Our experts for loading are available on demand. If needed, they can do the complete transport for you – including dismantling and reinstallation.

Additional reasons why customers store their machinery with us:

  • The future usage of the woodworking machinery is not yet certain and there is a chance that it should be sold. Our sellers can easily put the machine on the market and find a buyer for you.
  • The machine should be repaired, modernized or upgraded, before reinstallation, or should be cleaned or painted for selling. Here our skilled workshop-team can help you and provide you with experience and spare parts.

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